About Us

About Us - BeautyKat 卓嘉
BeautyKat 卓嘉 is an online beauty store which brings you hard-to-find Asian skin care products, including SK-II, Sofina, Shiseido, Anessa, Elixir, Albion, Kao and other beauty products from Asia, with personal touch and suggestions. We use some of our products so we are able to standby the products that we recommend.

The Beginning of BeautyKat 卓嘉
No one knows what will happen so grasp your time to make a difference.

This belief inspired us to create BeautyKat 卓嘉 in 2004. We execute our business idea by providing sound advice and share our experience in beauty care through an array of hard-to-find products. 

With this in mind, we continuously seek out effective and refreshing products to widen your skin care selection. The products are competitively priced and manufactured by well-known skincare companies mainly from Japan. These products made it to our "feel good" list through a process of careful selection and selective testing. We choose them based on their uniqueness, flexibility and effectiveness. BeautyKat abides by these criteria and is driven to stay true to it.

BeautyKat Mission
To bring you reliable beauty information, personal touch of product reviews, product recommendations and series of exclusive skincare and makeup products from all over the world. Our goal is to continue expanding our selection at reasonable price so that you can get your favorites from us 24/7 without shelling out a fortune.

We are proud of our personal touch and the ability to provide excellent and prompt service to our customers. We take pride in what we do and never seek to compromise the best interest of our customers.

Simply speaking, you can pamper and "be nice to yourself" as our slogan suggested, with a little help from BeautyKat.

Our Philosophy in Skincare
To us, effective skincare need not be complicated. A few basic items and extra minutes for a dedicated skincare regimen are the keys to achieving and maintaining beautiful skin. Our products are gentle yet effective as refreshment to your skin. Since we personally test and use some of these products, we are able to standby the products that we recommend. Check out our tips for better usage and understanding of these products.

Behind the Scene
BeautyKat.com is inspired and sparkled by a natural born beauty junkie and a lively, practical engineer. A fairly odd combination but somehow this oddity comes together to present ideas from a fresh and different perspective.

Kat, obsessed with beauty and has experience from working with several beauty brands, such as ~H2O+, philosophy, Fresh, Bloom and DDF as their branding and marketing manager in HongKong. She has received professional makeup training and also has experience working as an editor with several beauty publishing houses. The BeautyKat testing programs and Kat Reviews will be displayed with her expertise guidance. The color theme and layout of the website are also designed by her and she serves as the right brain of BeautyKat. She is also responsible of the marketing, editorial and merchandising functions.

Winzy is the left brain of BeautyKat and conceptualize the business ideas. Many times, he helps to rationalize the concepts into action. He is responsible of the execution and directing functions. In his free time, he keeps himself obsessed with food. Great food is paradise on earth. He enjoys preparing his favorite dishes and savoring it with the companion of great buddies. Traveling and photography are also his forte.