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FAQ | Privacy Policy

What is your privacy policy?
Your privacy is important to you and to us. We will not sell, rent, loan or otherwise make available your personal information, such as your name, E-mail address, shipping address or credit card number, to any third party.

We may ask you for certain types of information (your address and credit card number, for example) because we need it to process your transaction. We also want to know if our site works for you. So we record your IP address (your computer's location on the Internet), which allows us to tell how easily you're able to navigate through our site and whether you can find what you're looking for. IP addresses also give us a sense of general traffic flow, for example, whether you came to us from Yahoo, AOL, Google or MSN. But, and this is important, we record IP addresses in what's called aggregate form only, in other words, as general patterns. Your IP address is never linked to any personal information.